John W. Sheldon

Multi-disciplinary Designer

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John W. Sheldon creates simple and recognizable brand materials that evoke the most vital elements of a client's identity.

Work Samples

Layout · Branding · Video Production · Illustration · Photography

Logos and Collateral

Logo for Platonic Solids, an arrangement of black pentagons to look like a dodecahedron, with one pentagon in Orange

Brand design for Platonic Solids, a game consulting business. They work to provide actionable feedback on game play and design, with a focus on solid mechanics creating interesting results. At the client request, John provided two business card designs.

A business card in horizontal layout, with front and back designs
A business card in vertical layout, with front and back designs

Logo for the South Hills Artisan Tour, a stylized Pittsburgh skyline nestled between green and brown hills

Logo and brand design for the South Hills Artisan Tour, an annual Autumn event wherein artists and artisans in Pittsburgh's South Hills neighborhood open their homes for tours and to show their work and craft. John provided swatches and alternate monochrome logo art to facilitate future design and printing work.

brand use guidelines for South Hills Artisan Tour, including both logo versions, color swatches, and font selections