John W. Sheldon

Multi-disciplinary Designer

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John W. Sheldon creates layouts designed to get an audience's attention and communicate a message.

Work Samples

Layout · Branding · Video Production · Illustration · Photography

Books & Magazines

The cover of Let Me Take a selfie, on a gray background
Inside page spread from Let Me Take a Selfie

Let Me Take a Selfie

John designed this publication for digital distribution as a PDF, taking inspiration from modern web design. This 5-game collection is available for sale now on

Adventures on the Table cover, with a photo of tumbling dice
Interior spread of Adventures on the Table

Adventures on the Table

John created this game zine using original photography to accompany articles and essays written by a variety of creators.

Game Play Aids

Playmat for Armored Reckoning, evoking an annotated aerial photo battle plan

Armored Reckoning Playmat

John designed this playmat to be the central play surface of the playing-card-based tactical roleplaying game Armored Reckoning. Players use it to track terrain and movement, campaign progress, and crew morale during engagements. It is designed to print on a single tabloid sized sheet (11 by 17 inches) or on two letter sized sheets (8.5 by 11 inches).

Tabletop Blockbuster character sheets

Tabletop Blockbuster Character Sheets

John designed these two-sided character sheets for the Tabletop Blockbuster action roleplaying game. They fold over during play to give players access to information they might need from the reverse, without forcing the player to flip away from the most relevant information.

Promotional Material

Brochure for Operation Valor Arts
Event flyer for Operation Valor Arts

Handouts and Posters

John designs eye-catching and informative posters, brochures, flyers, event programs, and other handouts for clients of all sorts. John uses consistent visual elements to maintain your brand identity, while building interest in products and services.

poster for South Hills Artisan Tour