John W. Sheldon

Multi-disciplinary Designer

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Video Production

John W. Sheldon makes video to give people insight into new realms of information—about people, products, or experiences.

Work Samples

Layout · Branding · Video Production · Illustration · Photography

Documentary & News

Diversity & the Tabletop Roleplaying Community

This ethnography collects personal testimonies from members of the tabletop roleplaying community (focusing on those in gender and racial minorities), and juxtoposes their experiences with guidance from leadership and diversity experts.

Steve Mumfort—Combat Artist

Shot in 2006, and originially broadcast on the Pentagon Channel and the American Forces Network, this story covers an independent artist's trip to Baghdad to illustrate scenes from the lives of people living there.

Kickstarter Videos

The Warren

The Warren is a game of survival horror where players take on the role of rabbits in a dangerous world. The game was successfully Kickstarted by Bully Pulpit Games in July of 2015. John made the video on a budget by taking advantage of free and open license media to supplement the provided narration.

Night Witches

John got involved with this video project when Bully Pulpit Games discovered their footage had significant exposure problems. In the course of grading and fixing the footage, John also assembled it into the final cut that helped launch the successful Kickstarter campaign in October of 2014.